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Clever people will understand and help, the others hardly…

Four hundred years ago Comenius (the teacher of nations) advised to create a regular, easy to use language for international communication and invest time rather to learn “things” instead of languages…

Because of the information explosion the necessity to do so is even more crucial today, than it was ever before.

Communication is essential in all fields of human activity. Communication always occurs by means of a language. The vast majority of information flows in English and is therefore not understandable to over 90 % of the world population! The great majority of people will never learn about what is available in English and vice versa, English speaking people will not learn what the rest of the world knows. New ideas will not emerge, collaboration is impossible and, thus, big problems will remain unsolved… Nations remain imprisoned in their language ghettos. Is this not a real catastrophe?

Likewise, collaboration is essential for our survival in EU. We are told, that English will allow us to speak with most people in Europe. Experience shows that the level of such communication is pretty low and never comparable to a communication in the mother tongue.

In fact, from all European national languages English is in many aspects one of the worst choices.

Learning English just because of its spread as a second language in Europe has the same logic as to use the most used medicine for curing one’s illness!

If we decide to introduce one common, easy, regular and up to ten times easier to learn language we will not only have a good solution of our actual problem, but we will all save huge amounts of money, spend less time in ever starting learning of English and allow large masses of population to be able to communicate in Europe and in the whole world. No doubt, that if successful in Europe such language will also become global.

A Czech proverb says: "as many languages you know so many times you are a human" This is correct. Are you really a human in a country where you cannot express yourself and do not understand what others tell to you? You are on the level of deaf-mute person or a small baby.

Through the introduction of the European language you would immediately be a human hundred times!

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