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Clever people will understand and help, the others hardly…

Ah! We would like it very much to be able to speak with people from other countries, but it is not possible!

We all have our mother tongue and it is complicated, very irregular, has many exceptions that were collected during hundreds of years of its history. Mothers teach us the language for several years before we go to nursery school. We learn our mother tongue at school, while playing with our friends, through hearing of stories and tales, while watching the TV or listening to the radio and in many other occasions of our daily life. When we are grown up, the language learning starts every morning already by listening to the daily news and it continues on our work place and in the evening when watching a film, reading a newspaper or a book or discussing in the family or with friends in a pub. It seems that we use our mother tongue even in our dreams.
This all represents a language course of incredible intensity. At the age of 10 years it may already add up to 30'000 hours! This very intensive "life learning" of our mother tongue allows us to be able to communicate efficiently with others, to perfectly understand and precisely express our ideas and feelings and to attain our private and professional goals.

Now, politicians in Brussels try to convince us, that besides our mother tongue we should learn one or more foreign languages. This should solve communication problems and in the EU all nations will understand each other well.

In the Czech Republic, teenagers at high school have 550 hours of foreign language classes (mostly in English). This costs every citizen yearly at least 1'200 CZK per year. The level attained is not even sufficient to understand a simple operation manual. Language studies may go on at the Philosophy faculty of any university. Even then, the foreign language will not attain the level of the mother tongue.

A quite substantial improvement of the foreign language knowledge can be achieved if you live in the corresponding country. However, even after many years of daily practice abroad the knowledge will still not be comparable with the mother tongue knowledge. Thousands of our emigrants from 1968 will confirm this fact. How many times should we move to other countries and to which countries...?

The concept of multilingualism proposed by Brussels is an illusion that cannot be achieved. It would be an incredible waste of our time and money. Everyone with common sense will understand it. Surely, some people will learn exceptionally well several foreign languages. But, this cannot be generalized for the majority of the population.

The biggest argument against the use of any national language as a general communication language in the EU, however, is the fact, that it would be against the most basic principle of the EU which guarantees the equality of all nations and persons in the EU.

Can we speak of equality if somebody has the privilege to communicate in his mother tongue while others must do it in a much less mastered foreign language? This would inevitably lead to two classes of Europeans.

What the EU really needs is a common European language. The European must be very easy to learn, logical, regular, phonetical and without exceptions. Such a European will be mastered in a fraction of time compared to any other existing national language. Therefore, the majority of the European population will be able to learn it in a short time and at low cost. No doubt, that if successful in the EU, such a language will become universal in the whole world.

Such a language is known for 120 years already and shown to be very efficient. It will provide the solution to our communication problems if the EU will make the right decisions in this direction.

E-Lingvo's goal is to describe the important communication problems we have and how they can be solved. All Europeans should know about it, so that the essential political decisions will finally be made.

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