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Clever people will understand and help, the others hardly…

Due to historical reasons Europe has about three dozens of languages and even many more dialects. Nobody can ever learn so many languages and even the mastering of only one national language (for ex. English, Spanish, German, French and so on) is so work intensive, expensive and time consuming that the vast majority of the population of any nation will never learn it well enough. Even though some learn it to a certain extent they will partly forget it and when the need arises the language knowledge is not satisfactory. Additionally, very often, as if done on purpose, you will meet people that do not speak the foreign language you have learned so hard.

Thus, it’s preferable not to travel abroad and if it was really necessary, then the communication is mostly reduced to a kind of monkey-like gesticulation. This is humiliating, insufficient and it limits the communication to an unbearable and ridiculous minimum of a “traveler’s crutch”…

The learning of natural languages is so difficult because they are very irregular (English being among the worst). All natural languages have “historical sediments” and many exceptions.

The introduction of one common, regular and easy to learn non national language would fundamentally change the situation. An absolutely regular language, which is strictly phonetic and has a logical grammar and vocabulary, can be learned in up to ten times less time. Such a language will be mastered by a vast majority of Europeans (and of the world population later on). No nation will be privileged by using its mother tongue. All nations will benefit equally.

Can you imagine a European Union, where everybody will understand you and you will no more need monkey-like gestures for the expression of your needs? Can you imagine the huge benefits in all fields of human activities, at home and all over the world?

Ask your politicians to finally make something really useful for you!

Join us and help us so that this good goal becomes reality for all of us.

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