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Clever people will understand and help, the others hardly…

When the lack of language knowledge would complicate only the buying of a hot dog, it would be nice.

However, the general European non-communication has profound economical consequences which affect us all. Effects of all possible factors on the economy have been studied. Yet, nobody worries about the impact of languages on the EU economy. How to evaluate what was not achieved because of noncommunication? What are we losing? In reality we are losing a lot!

Do you think that the USA would ever become the leading economical power in the world if each of its fifty states would have a different national language? Hardly!

In the EU every country pushes its own languages to get maximal benefits. When many people tear at a blanket, it will break and in a frosty night all will freeze. The same will happen in the cold time of global economy today and we will not survive or badly.

Europe still has one of the most educated population in the world and a long tradition in many fields. This treasure will be efficiently used only if we communicate together and collaborate.

This can be accomplished only if we accept a common European language, which will be much easier than any existing national language. Only so, it will be possible that almost everybody will be able to learn it and use it for efficient communication in the EU. The European will not endanger our mother tongues but on the contrary will protect them.

On these pages you will see in short how economy and languages are interconnected. It is probably the most comprehensive collection of arguments, so far.

Help us to make pressure on our politicians so that they finally do the necessary, as long as we still have time. Join us.

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