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Clever people will understand and help, the others hardly…

Why can’t we speak the same language?

Because nobody is interested in it! And the least interested are politicians. Their knowledge of English keeps away their competitors – often much better experts because instead of learning foreign languages they invested time into increased qualification and experience.

Languages are big business not only for language schools, translators and interpreters.

Great Britain and Ireland save billions of Euros yearly. Other Europeans lose large amounts of money either from their own pockets or indirectly through taxes invested into endless learning of foreign languages. This Sisyphus effort leads to doubtful results and a considerable time loss.

Why those who daily benefit from the existing situation should be for the introduction of one easy, regular language – the European? It would take them additional time for its learning.

During discussions about common currency in Europe, politicians did not select any national currency but created the new EURO instead. Why they do not think likewise in case of a much more important matter of common language?

Many dealers make good business because of your lack of knowledge of foreign languages. They import goods for you but you will have to pay many times the original price. You cannot get it directly, because you do not know the language.

It is up to you, people with common sense, to ask your politicians to, at long last, make something really useful for you.

E-Lingvo is fighting for you. Join us and help us to accomplish a good thing.

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