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E-Lingvo conference

Dear E-Lingvo members,

Our annual meeting will be held in the conference room of Občanský klub, Městská část Brno-střed on Hybešova street no. 65a on Saturday 24th September at 10.

We invite all our members to take part on the meeting. To facilitate its organization we ask participants to advise us about their arrival and lunch reservation in a nearby restaurant.

This invitation will be sent only in an electronic way and we would like to ask you to inform your friends without internet access about this meeting.

I would like to inform you shortly about our activity in the past period. E-Lingvo has grown and presently has almost three hundred members. Our members originate from many countries of the world. According to the member number E-Lingvo belongs to biggest organizations of this kind in Czech republic.

After our failure to put through our projects about international communication during Czech presidency of EU, idea emerged to stop our activity and close E-Lingvo.

However new experience shows clearly that our activity is very useful and is very perspective from many points of view.

Unfortunately our activities are limited by luck of money and active people. Only few active members cannot simply do more. Therefore we invite our members to support us.

During the last period E-Lingvo had several activities.

Following suggestion initiated by E-Lingvo three years ago a first chamber opera which informs about current communication problems has been created. It promotes the use of Esperanto as Europe common language. The opera “THREE” was composed by Javier Hagen from Switzerland. The opera has been already presented in several European cities and has received a good response. It is appreciated specially by young people.

We prepare new texts for our web pages, translation of existing into Russian language and an important new argumentation in English.

Worth to mention is also a progress made on our completely new Esperanto teaching method. The goal is to considerably increase a learning efficiency by elimination of negative influence of irregular mother tongue in regular Esperanto. The whole method is present on the surface corresponding to only four A4 pages and is directly and all time under eyes of the student. All words and additional elements are shown in form of suggestive pictures allowing a direct and easy memorizing and use. Even though 10% of pictures are still missing, it is clearly apparent that the learning efficiency increases sever times. This is an important argument in our efforts to introduce the common European language as mean of efficient international and European communication.

Among others E-Lingvo presented lecture explaing problems of communication and its effective solution for 85 students of Mendel University at Brno.

Our activities and future projects will be discussed during our meeting and we ask our members to contribute to our efforts by advice, head and hands.

We are looking forward to see you.

With sincere salutations to all members


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